Thursday, August 20, 2009

Werewolves yay!

Just saw this on Yahoo! I'm excited.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Post, No Headline

So Logan's in bed, Brandi's at the store looking for a coming home outfit for the baby (only 43 days to go), and Vern and co. are up at the Farm until Saturday or Sunday. There's really nothing on TV at the moment. I've got a rerun of Family Guy on, but I've seen it a couple times already.

We've had a couple crazy-busy days at work. Today we just went live with a completely new software package that's changed the way we do everything. Yesterday, we spent the day working with the morons the software company assigned to us to help us transition to their new software. I don't really want to go into how incompetent these people have been, but man-oh-man we've been rolling our eyes a lot lately.

The baby stuff is going well. Like I said, we're about 43 days out from the due date. I'm still crossing my fingers for September 28 so that we have a birthday exactly every two weeks for a month and a half. Something about the symmetry of tickles me in just the right way. I don't remember if I said before, and I'm too lazy to look it up, but we do know the sex of the baby, we're just not telling our family.

We did just find out that the seat part of our baby swing got flood water on it at some point in the basement and the seat's been growing for about two years now. The rest of the swing works well, and thanks to Craigslist, we've found someone who has the same swing that the seats in good condition, but the rest doesn't work so well. So that worked out well for us.

Not really much to say today I guess.