Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Oww, My Head

Brandi and I decided to go out to a nice dinner tonight to celebrate our 11-year anniversary of being together. We had gotten a slew of restaurant gift cards for Christmas, including a very generous $75 gift card from my staff for any of the Lettuce Entertain You restaurants. We decided to go to the Wildfire restaurant in Schaumburg. We've been there before and the food is really good. Brandi's aunt had offered to watch the kids for us, and we stopped at her house first to drop off the kids and the supplies.

Well I had gotten Logan out of the car and was heading around to the back of it to get the stuff out when I stepped over a snow bank and right onto a patch of ice. I hit the ground like a sack of potatoes, or more accurately, it'd probably be closer to 5 sacks of potatoes. I fell on my left side and tried to catch myself with my right hand. Brandi's initial reaction, as it usually is when I get hurt, is to laugh and then ask me if I'm ok.

I was fortunate in that I didn't hit my head or break anything. I was worried that my new ipod or my glasses would have ended up broken. I was feeling ok, but as the night wore on, the soreness started to sink in. Apparently, I pulled something in my right arm in the act of catching myself, some of my molars feel like they were hit, my chest is a little sore and I think I pinched the nerve in the left side of my neck again.

Of course, I thought that I looked like this as I was falling on my ass in the ice.

But from Brandi's point of view, I didn't have quite so much grace. I think mabye I should have just stayed down on the ice.


Shawn Powers said...

Ouch! :(

Dr. Phil (Physics) said...

Bones was my favorite Lettuce Entertain You restaurant when I was in Evanston... And they always had the best French Onion soup.

Dr. Phil

PS - oh, glad you aren't seriously hurt.