Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Being a Geek is Fun

What follows is an actual email conversation between myself and a former coworker, and it all started with this photo. Note: the former coworker isn't a geek, but I had little difficulty in pulling her into a geeky frame of mind.

To: former coworker
Subject: My new ride

Me: It makes the commute much more tolerable.

Former Coworker: That's hysterical!!! :-) Did you get to do an interview for custom plane interiors or are you learning to fly on the sly?

Me: I went on a "green" tour in Oregon. We started in Portland, then went to Medford and Bend. Each day Timber Products, one of the sponsoring companies, used their jet to get us from place to place.

FC: OK. Now I am REALLY jealous!! I went on a forest to furniture tour once
in PA and I only got BUSSED around.

I'm hexing you as we type. $#^$%$^%&*^^$

Me: Good thing I've got my anti-hex ring with a +5 to awesomeness. (Ok, I am a mega-nerd.)

FC: That's no match for my truth lasso (borrowed from my good friend wonder woman) which can also be used to depower the anti-hex ring (making the wearer develop fuscia polka dots the size of a bread plate with purple squares in the middle.) Careful................you don't know who you're dealing with do you........

Me: Oh yeah!?! Well I'll block it the shield of Perseus, which will reflect it all back at you and I'll call up my buddy the one-eyed, one-horned, flying fuscia-polka-dot-eater to come pay you a visit. Take that!

FC: I see. Well. That leaves me no alternative. I'll just jump in the invisable plane (kept secretly in my yard under the guise of trees and bushes) and run him down mid flight then fly by and drop knoxious gas filled with glitter all over your new ride.

Me: Not glitter!!! That stuff gets everywhere, and even when you've spent hours cleaning up and you think there can't possibly be any more it just keeps popping up.

FC: Well that's why you can't mess w/suburbamom. We know the secret to driving others nuts.

Me: I tremble before your vast and mighty powers.

FC: Now if only my kids believed in my powers...I could rule the universe (known on earth as my house)

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