Thursday, June 19, 2008

You Spin Me Write Round

Nathan over at Polybloggimous has started another round robin writing experiment. This time it’s taking on a more serious vein, following the exploits of one Charlotte Misner, a woman in the 1940s who has to make it on her own while raising her deceased sister’s three very young children and working to support them.

It’s a challenge because it’s definitely not in any of the genre type stuff that I’ve worked on before (mostly fantasy/sci-fi). I’m up at bat right now and the task is a little daunting. I’ve got a start, but I’m not sure where I want to try and steer the story. The one thing that strikes me about the four chapters that have come before is that while Charlotte has had some obstacles to over come, those obstacles have been overcome much too easily.

Ugh, what to do? Maybe Charlotte will be attacked by a vicious land shark. Perhaps she will discover that the children are really the three parts of a mystical talisman that will be the key to ending WWII, but to make the talisman work, she must be willing to sacrifice them. Or maybe she’ll discover a secret recipe for spaghetti that will promote peace and love.

Enough blathering. There’s work to do!

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Random Michelle K said...

Well, we are halfway through the story. :)