Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Problem with $*#%^@! LOST

ABC’s LOST is an incredible show. It’s the only show that I make a point of catching every week. But then, if you’re a fan of the show and you want to know what’s going on, you’d have to watch it every week. If you’ve never heard of it before (have you been living under a rock?), it’s about a group of people that have survived a plane crash on an island somewhere in the Pacific. The island is strange and craziness ensues.

If you’re into science fiction, good writing, drama, crazy shit happening all the time, twisty plot lines, and long, involved story lines, then you should check it out if you haven’t already. The show isn’t all gold though. There are filler episodes just like any other show, and there are many, many episodes that make you ask more questions than you get answers for.

My main problem The issue that I have with the show is that it’s not realistic. I know, that sounds dumb that I would praise the show for how clever, interesting and absolutely messed up it is, and then say it’s not realistic. I’m not talking about the show’s story. What I’m talking about is the fact that no one on the island swears.

And I know the reason why is obvious. It’s ABC prime time television and there are rules that keep shows from uttering such language. Still, it seems the show would be more realistic if we’d get an F-bomb, or other swear word, every now and then. For instance, when the plane went down in the first episode, it would be perfectly normal for someone on board to yell “Holy shit the plane’s goin’ down!” Or perhaps an exclamation of “Is that a fucking polar bear” would have been appropriate in season one. I don’t think we’ve even heard someone say something like “I hate this God damn island.”

It’s completely normal for people in such circumstances to let loose a barrage of expletives to describe their situation. If LOST was a little freer with it’s language, though, it would probably be on HBO or something, in which case I wouldn’t get to watch it on Wednesdays and I’d have to wait for the DVD, which is a pain.


Nathan said...

Oh dear naive boy,

The producers are depending on the audience to supply the realistic language. I, for one, had to answer the phone during the last ten minutes of the third episode of Season 2. Trying to faithfully pick up the action the following week, I immediately found myself screaming, "Who the fuck is that guy? Why the hell is there a mongoose selling strawberries? Where the fuck did that guy get the prototype iPod?"

The bright side is that I can now watch episodes of Heroes intercut with episodes of Lost and follow the story just as easily.

kimby said...

I stopped watching Lost half way through the first season. It just didn't do anything for me. Keith and Munch on the other hand LOVE it and time stops here on Wednesdays when Lost is on tv.

But I do like Fringe. (and have never seen Heroes)

mattw said...

Time would stop for us when LOST comes on, but that's the time we put Logan to bed, so we tape it and watch it later. Yes, I said we tape it, we still have a VCR for just that purpose. :P

I caught the first few episodes of Fringe, but it seemed like the same thing every week — 1) something odd happens 2) crazy doctor dude had something to do with it in his past life 3) some equally radical solution is found to the radical problem 4) oh no it's that darn pattern at work again.

I liked season one of Heroes, wasn't too impressed with season 2, and haven't caught any of season 3 yet. I'm waiting for the dvd on that.

Some dude stuck in the Midwest said...

I like Fringe. It's a nice mix of X-Files and Alias, barring all powerfull Jack Bristow.

I've missed Lost on the first season, and knew that i will never catch up to the mythos.