Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Binky Fairy Giveth, The Binky Fairy Taketh Away

Last Saturday, the "Binky Fairy" made a stop at our house and took Logan's binkies/plugs/pacies/*insert cutsie name here* away for good. We've been weening him off of them for a while, throwing them away when they get nasty and encouraging him to take it out or taking it away during the day, but we finally came to the point when we needed to take them away completely. We also wanted to give him at least a month or so before the new baby's here so that hopefully he won't be feeling dependent on the plug if the baby takes one.

So Saturday morning, before Gymboree, the plugs were rounded up and stuck into a large envelope addressed to the Binky Fairy. He and Brandi put the envelope into the mail slot, and then he and I left for Gymboree. Brandi threw out the plugs and then went to pick out and wrap a new toy for him. Apparently, the Binky Fairy operates much like the Tooth Fairy. They're probably related, as there's a lot of that kind of interbreeding stuff going on in the Fairy community, or so I've heard.

Logan did pretty well for a while, but about halfway through Gymboree we had a major meltdown and he wanted to go home. Not even the temptation of getting fries after Gymboree if we stayed for the whole thing would assuage his meltdown. On the way home he repeatedly asked for his Binky, wailing "Binkyyyyy," and when I told him the Binky Fairy had come to take them away he screamed "Noooo!" He was sure to go through the list in the car too, "White Binky...Blue Binky...Nemo Binky."

When we got home and he saw and opened the toy, a sweet Imaginex Helicopter, he was less whiny. It didn't hurt that Brandi got a couple suckers to go with it too. Cool Transformers G1 type suckers. I was a little jealous.

The rest of the weekend went pretty smoothly as far as tantrums and binky-based meltdowns went. Monday morning we experienced meltdown number 2. His therapist was over, and while Logan was climbing into one of his favorite hiding places, he very lightly bonked the back of his head. Oh man, did that set off the waterworks. He didn't want to cooperate with the therapist for the rest of the session.

Later, we went to the store, and while he and I waited in the car because he'd been crying in the store, he continued to cry and it drove me a little nuts. What are you going to do though?

There's still one plug that we couldn't find in the house to ship away to the Binky Fairy and while we think it's stuck behind the bed somewhere, we're waiting for Logan to come walking through the living room with it one day with a smug grin on his face.


Some dude stuck in the Midwest said...

Sometimes I forget how lucky we are that our eldest spat away her binky at 3 months.

On the other hand, we lost a calming tool fairly early.

mattw said...

My parents didn't let us have pacifiers, because their children shouldn't need a security item. XP

... Paige said...

it can be a hard transition.

John the Scientist said...

Matt - heh, your parents and my wife and I would get along famously. Blankets also never leave the bed, and toys never enter the bed, for the same reason.

We were also concerned about the orthodontal effects.

On the other hand, all of our meltdowns have been entirely binky-unrelated. Kids are tough to handle, no matter what you do. o.O

kimby said...

I thought I had it made when Man-Child was little. He refused a Binky..BUT settled on his thumb instead. Can't throw away thumbs. When Bug settled in with her Binky, I was a little less freaked out, knowing that eventually I would be able to throw them out.

Hope the melt-downs ease off.