Friday, September 25, 2009

We Do Science! In the Kitchen

Yesterday, I was sitting in my office with one of my coworkers and the trainer for our new software system when my phone buzzed from an incoming text message. Being as jumpy as I am right now (Brandi did have about 2 hours of contractions last night with an 18-minute break in teh middle before they died down and we went to bed), I checked the message immdeiately. My reaction: "Oh no."
My coworker and the trainer both looked at me with excited expressions. "What!?"
"It's not baby related," I said. "This is what Brandi just texted me."
omg, dad just microwaved the hell out of the bowl full
of grapes thinking it was the leftover spaghetti! laughing so hard im
Apparently, he was looking in the fridge for the spaghetti, felt the stems of the grapes in the bowl, thought I had left the spaghetti in the fridge uncovered and the noodles had all dried out. So he "microwaved the hell out of it" and only found out when it was done that it was the grapes he just irradiated. Here I'm thinking that I'll be cleaning grape goo out of the microwave when I get home.
Turns out the grapes didn't explode, they just got all brown and gross looking like they'd been left out on a table for a week. What we learned, though, is that you cannot make rasins in the microwave. It's grapes and sunshine people, just the the Sunmaid people want you to think.


vince said...

That was funny!

WendyB_09 said...

All I could visualize were the little California Raisin characters exploding in the microwave!

Too funny!!

Jeri said...

Just eww. I can't imagine cleaning splattered cooked grape peel off the microwave. LOL

neurondoc said...

That is hilarious.