Tuesday, April 5, 2011

David Bowie: Most Versitile Musician EVAR, or Secret Controller of Pandora

So I'm listening to Pandora on my station that is cleverly named The Kinks Radio, and what comes on? David Bowie. More specifically, it's Space Oddity. And I know if I were to switch it over to Tears for Fears Radio (what?) I would be hearing one Bowie tune or another within a half hour, an hour at the most. It might take a little longer if I were to switch over to George Harrison Radio, but I'm pretty sure I've heard Bowie there too. I haven't listened to the other stations in a while (Flaming Lips Radio, Eels Radio, Blues Traveller Radio, Eagles of Death Metal Radio), but honestly I wouldn't be too surprised if David Bowie popped in on one of those other stations. What does this all mean? The way I see it, it goes one of two ways, either 1) David Bowie is the most versatile musician ever, or 2) David Bowie secretly controls Pandora Internet Radio. I'm not totally decided either way. What I do know is that while I'm not a huge fan, I don't mind Bowie's music, but I don't need to hear it everywhere I go. To me, it's one of those things that's better in small tastes that you have only on occasion so you don't get sick of it. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe Bowie, with all his sounds and styles, is the most adaptable and musical act to come around in some time. What do you think?


Carol Elaine said...

I think David Bowie is awesome. I'm not really a Bowie fangirl, but, much like Elvis Costello, whenever I hear his music I turn into a happy, happy girl.

Also, he may, in fact, be the secret controller of Pandora. The man is just that awesome.

Eric said...

I have come to appreciate that Bowie is, indeed, one of the most amazing musicians ever. And as far as versatility goes, one of the cool things about the man is that he's recorded a lot of covers over the years, covering a wide range of artists and styles you wouldn't necessarily imagine he'd even be interested in. (E.g. one might not be too surprised at his cover of Pixies' "Cactus," but covering Bruce Springsteen's "Growing Up"? Really? And his version is awesome? Damn.)

On a related note, I'd imagine the tune you'd hear on the George Harrison channel would be his cover of "Try Some, Buy Some" from Reality. Not sure if Bowie did any other Harrison covers, but it's quite possible. Tho' I'm also not sure why you'd hear "Space Oddity" on Kinks Radio, that seems weird (but I don't use Pandora, so maybe it isn't).

Also relevant, maybe: Bowie's discography. (It's big.)


My captcha, interestingly, is "acting"--which is one of the other things Bowie has done with his career.


Howz 'bout a George Harrison parody