Tuesday, March 11, 2008

First Draft Down

Today I completed the first draft of my entry for the Witer's Digest Short Story Competition. The word-count limit is 4,000, and I'm just shy of 2,000 right now. As I look over it, I know I'll add a little bit here, take away a little bit there. It won't reach the 4,000-word mark. I can tell the story in less, and there's no need to add unnecessary wordage. There's one section which is the main character's motivation for doing what he does that isn't quite right. I know how it should go, and that's the biggest fix that I can think of right now. Eventually, I'll pass it along to some of the other people at work to look over and critique.

I'm trying to encourage some of the people at work and a couple people I used to work with to enter. So far, I'm the only one who has even put word one down. Hopefully with gentle encouragement and prodding, they will finish their stories. Otherwise, according to a predetermined agreement, they'll be put to the thumb screws!

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