Monday, August 4, 2008

Quick recap

Not too much new to report. Brandi's getting tired of bed rest, and I don't blame her. No other issues within the last few days and she's still taking the hormone pills.

Saturday at the library was back to super busy mode.

We went to the annual family reunion on her dad's side of the family yesterday. Attendance has been slackening for years, but this year there was a steep drop, maybe half of what it was last year. I spent the bulk of my time there with Logan by the side of the lake watching the ducks and sun fish and making sure he didn't try to get in. At one point he was eating an apple which he dropped and it rolled into the water. He then turned me toward the water and started pushing at the backs of my legs so I'd go get it.

Got to work at 6 today so I could get out a little earlier and take Brandi to the doctor for another blood draw. That's about it.

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