Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Tape on My Desk

really sucks. It's so unsticky that it doesn't even stick to itself, and I'm talking about glue side to glue side. Currently, it isn't even strong enough to hold a fortune cookie fortune up to my monitor without flopping over. I hate to toss what little I have left, but this is unacceptable. That's all, just thought I'd share.


Tania said...

Don't you have a cat or know someone that does? Roll it into a rough little ball, and let the walnut brained buggers chase it. You will have disposed of substandard office supplies and brought some joy into a kitties' world.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how completely unsticky items can develop superior grippiness when tangled in a long-haired pet's fur. :P

mattw said...

Unfortunately, we are more dog people, and there's no one close by we know with cats. There is a certain long-haired yappy dog that I know that it might stick to.

But, Brandi's Grandma might not be happy with me afterward.