Monday, August 11, 2008

Slow Day

We just finished up deadlines on Friday, so today is pretty slow. To add to that, half of my department is gone today for one reason or another, so it’s pretty quiet. Sure, I’ve got stuff to work on, but it’s hard to get up and get motivated to get a lot done on a day like today.

The weekend was one that was too short and too long at the same time. Too short in that it felt like I didn’t have a whole lot of time to relax. Too long in that there was a lot going on and it left me feeling even more wiped out.

Saturday I had to work. Saturdays and Sundays, Logan is up before I leave for work, so he knows when I put my shoes on and tell him to be good for mommy that means I’m leaving. I could hear his little wails as I rearranged the cars so Brandi could have mine and I drove away. Poor little guy. Work was busy, but not too busy. It was steady. There was also plenty of food in the break room for various reasons. After work I finished making dinner. We tried a new recipe, Butter Beef, which I found on Yahoo! It was good, if not a little salty, but I didn’t quite have everything in the right proportion since I didn’t have the recipe on me when we went shopping. After dinner I took Logan to two of the three parks in our immediate area then gave him a bath and sent him to bed. I should have done laundry after that, but I didn’t.

Sunday we went to Brookfield Zoo. If you’re ever spending time in the Chicago area and you’re looking for something to do, I would highly recommend it. It’s big, it’s educational, it’s fun. Particularly if you’re around in the winter, they do a spectacular winter zoo thing with hundreds of Christmas trees decorated by local groups. We got their early, about a half hour after the zoo opened and it wasn’t too crowded. We stopped by the standard places that are pretty much a must for every visit, including Tropic World, The Living Coast, and the Pachyderm (can’t believe I spelled that right on the first try) House. We had lunch by one of the playgrounds and Logan ran around until he and another boy collided and both fell down crying. He was more tired than hurt. We left about 1:30 and by that time the parking lot was so full they were waving people on to the second lot on the other side. Then it was a nap for Logan (and a cat nap for Brandi), a trip to the park, dinner, play time, night-night for Logan, taking out the garbage, and finally, the laundry (which I’ve been neglecting while Brandi was on bed rest).

Tomorrow, we go to her doctor for a check up. This was originally supposed to be the first ultrasound, but because of the other circumstances, this will now be the third. Brandi’s progesterone levels are up to where she should be after going on a hormone supplement. Now, we just have to see what’s going on with the baby. The last two ultrasounds showed that there should be more amniotic fluid around the baby. We went to see a substitute doctor the last two times, since Brandi’s doctor is out of town, and she was able to tell us that 1) they don’t know what the problem is 2) they might never know 3) there’s nothing they can do about it, which is always fun to hear. We’ve been waiting for see what’s going on for what feels like forever, and I’m trying to stay positive. Brandi’s taking harder than I am, but she’s the more pessimistic of our duo.

So on that happy note, I should be going. Hope everyone’s havin’ a good day.

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Anonymous said...

I sure hope that all the odd test results end up being nothing and all is smooth sailing from here on out for you both!