Thursday, April 2, 2009

Adventures in Parenting Day 901

Last night, it took more than two hours to get terribly two Logan to fall asleep.

He had gotten pretty tired out with two walks to the park and a skipped nap in the afternoon and ended up power napping on the couch while I made dinner. Thus when it was time for bed, he was up and ready to go. But I, foolishly, hoped that he would fall asleep quickly since he didn't sleep that long and he'd been pretty tired. I wanted to try and get him to bed in time to watch LOST (didn't happen, but thankfully Brandi taped it (Yes, I said taped. We don't have a Tivo or DVR or any of that fancy shamncy stuff)).

What did happen was I spent over an hour in his room, first reading to him, then laying next to him in bed, then sitting in the glider while he was in bed, then rocking and singing to him. At his point, I'd had about all I could take and I put him in bed, said goodnight and went downstairs. Begin pissed off crying.

Brandi went up to calm him down and that didn't work, so I went back up and as soon as I entered the room, Logan turned to Brandi and said "bye-bye". I sat in the chair for a few minutes more while he laid quietly in bed and then got up and left. Well he started crying again and pounding on the door and shouting for both of us, first one then the other. At some point he must have hit his little fist on the door too hard because when he hurts himself a little he'll say "okay" in a sad, pathetic voice. Well he hit the door and I heard him say okay a couple times and then he screamed it as loud as he could. It wasn't an "I'm hurt come make it better scream" it was more of a "You bastards locked me in here and now I had to hurt my hand on the door so you better get your ass back in here" kind of scream. It was hard not to laugh then and there.

At about that point we just left him to cry and scream and bang on the door. And eventually, he made his way back to be and fell asleep. My night was shot, cause there were things I wanted to do aside from watch LOST. Then, as I was taking a shower this morning at about 6:15, the door opened and I heard a tentative "Daddie?"

Hopefully he won't be too much of a pill for Brandi today.

Oh, and as a side note, today is my third to last double shift day ever!


Some dude stuck in the Midwest said...

YEs, it does happen to two year olds. As well as 3 year olds and 4 year olds. The problem with ours was that if she was too tired, she was going on adrenaline alone and couldn't fall asleep.

I actually think that there is absolutely nothing you can do, but wheather the storm. At some point they'll tire enough to just fall asleep. Never a pleasant experience. At least he is not coming up with excuses yet :)

mattw said...

"The problem with ours was that if she was too tired, she was going on adrenaline alone and couldn't fall asleep."

We've dealt with that too. Not a fun situation.

We were pleasently surprised to see that he actually made it back to his bed last night and didn't just collapse on the floor, just inside the door, which he's done at nap time.

Some dude stuck in the Midwest said...

Well, at two.. they understand the meaning of comfort :)

brent said...

Ugh. Kids don't ever do that, do they? Yes, I still have the less than six months old delusional mindset that accompanies new parents. I wish you luck in these coming months/years. Please pray for my salvation as well, my friend.