Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Floor, Finally

As promised before, here are pictures of the new floor in the dining room. First up, we've got the floor as it used to look. I'm sure at one point the hardwood looked nice, but it was scarred, and shrunken and scratched, and there would really have been no way to restore it.

Here I am with my father-in-law on day two of the installation. Day two went a lot faster than the first night did. We moved the table out into the living room, and moved the smaller furniture around as needed. Once we got the feel for how the tongue and groove fit together, it wasn't too hard.

Of course, once we got started, Logan had to test it out and see how well his cars would roll across the new floor. He was quite satisfied.

At the half way point I suggested we might just leave it as is. It could have been like the dining room of the Batman villain Two Face. Brandi wasn't too keen on that idea.

And finally on the day before Easter, two hours before we had to go to a birthday party and several hours before my family was due to arrive for dinner the floor was done.

Ta Da!


kimby said...

That looks great!
I want to do that in our kitchen, but I am thinking I should wait until we at least finish one of the other 15 projects that have been started around here.

Good Job!

MWT said...

Nice job. :)

Ilya said...

Looks like you did an excellent job, Matt. Well done!

Some dude stuck in the Midwest said...

Looks great!

Make sure you don't get sucked into other things to repair/replace

Lance said...

So nice! I'm sure his trucks and cars will move much better now!

Glad to hear the new job is going so well also. Something to keep you busy and interested!

mattw said...

Thanks everyone, but I can't take all the credit. Without my father-in-law's help it wouldn't have went as smoothly as it did, and I probably would have had a lot more wasted boards.

neurondoc said...

It looks lovely!

You know, we have to replace our hardwood floor in our living/dining room. How about y'all come for a visit...? :-D