Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Adventures in Parenting, Day 740

We have a corner hutch in the dining room that has had 18 small panes of glass in it. No one knows how, because no one heard it or saw it, but Logan must have hit one of the panes with a toy and broken it. Brandi had gone out to her mom's with Logan and my father-in-law was out of the house. When he came home, Brandi's grandma saw the broken glass, and not knowing that Brandi had gone out to her mom's for lunch, they assumed she was at the emergency room. They tried to call her, and Brandi didn't answer her phone. She was at the park at the time.

Eventually, this Three's Company-esque situation was cleared up. Logan only had a small cut on his right pinky finger. After I got home, I got to clean up the glass, and then after he was put to bed, I got to pull the rest of the glass out of the frame.

I got angry with Logan, not because he did it, but because he could have seriously hurt himself. Of course he doesn't recognize this fact. Ugh, just another fun experience in the Adventures in Parenting.


Ilya said...

I suppose 2 years is old enough to start establishing cause-and-effect relationship, Matt. Kids will get in situations where they might be hurt well into primary-school age, and possibly beyond. That's part of their discovering the world. The most you can do about it is fret endlessly, but you also can point out to them how one event can lead to a much less pleasant one. Hopefully, that'll help them avoid making the same mistake twice.

I'm speaking from experience here, but I know that child-rearing advice is often annoying. Apologies in advance :)

mattw said...

I was just frustrated that he could have seriously hurt himself and I think he picked up on my vibe at least because he was exceptionally good for the rest of the night. Until bed time, that is.

I tried to explain why I was angry to him. Did he understand? I don't know, hopefully some of it got through.

And no apologies needed.