Friday, October 17, 2008

Thank God I'm a Country Boy

We're headed up to The Farm this afternoon. It'll be the last weekend anyone's up there for the season. About this time of year Brandi's grandpa usually closes everything down 'cause it gets powerful cold up there (only a fireplace and a woodburning stove to warm the house) and the pipes will freeze, meaning you have to go out and get a bucket of water from the pump if you want to go to the bathroom or do anything else requiring water. However, this is prime season to go to The Farm, with the crisp temps, the changing leaves, apple cider, etc. I haven't been up there during the winter yet, but I will some day. So, y'all have a good weekend. Play nice while I'm away. I'll have some photos when we get back.

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vince said...

Hope you have/had fun. I was always a John Denver fan, especially the early years.