Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Irony is

talking on your cell while in the library, completely oblivious of the no cell phones sign right behind your head. Stupid kids.

And while we're on the subject of libraries, the library is not a daycare. It's ok if you want to drop your teenie kid off so they can do some homework or something. It's not ok for you to drop your kid off, tell us you're going to a church meeting and will be back to pick up the kid well before nine and then not show up until just after nine.

I felt really bad for this girl last night that had to stand around and wait in the lobby for around 20 minutes not knowing when her mentally constipated mother was going to come get her. The girl wanted to check out a copy of the soundtrack for Rent, but she couldn't do that because her mother didn't want the daughter's card from another library linked to our system. We didn't want to kick the girl out (we didn't) but we can't exactly have her wandering around the library after it's closed. Then when this idiot mother finally came just after nine, she didn't even pull up to the doors of the library, she just pulled into the parking lot and let loose with a couple of quick honks. That is totally rude to the daughter and the people that live in the apartments on the other side of the library parking lot.



Janiece said...

Another fine example of people who just don't know how to act.

As my Hot Mom used to say, "no fetching!"

... Paige said...

No offence but you did say this was a Church lady, term used loosely. Now that’s good advertisement.
Maybe when the chariot comes to get her it was show up outside on a dark night and toot the horn.
And some people wonder why kids don't have respect for their elders...cause sometimes their elders don't have respect for them.
I guess I could carry on all day but must get back to work.

mattw said...

Paige, I don't know enough about her to say if she was a Church Lady or not (could it be...Satan? :D). I just know she was weird, was making things in the library unnecessarily complicated, and seemed slow on the uptake.

vince said...

Stupid people. And were the woman to be confronted about it, she would have been all indignant and defensive.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the same thing when we worked at the bookstore together.