Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Legend of Zelda Movie!?!

If only it were true. This video is an April Fools prank perpretrated by IGN. It's a really well done prank if I may say so. It must have taken a lot of thought, resources and time to put together to put out something that looks this good. Although Link does look pretty dumb with that green hat on. He'd definately have to lose the hat. Also, I think Gannondorf could look a little more menacing, maybe if there was less hair. I always like the pig-faced Gannon (am I remembering that right?).

But then there's the part of me that remembers every other video game movie I've seen and not being satisfied with any of them. I know in my heart that someone would manage to royally f-up the movie in some way before it hit the theathres. Maybe if all video game movies were condensed into trailers then they would be better. Maybe...

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