Friday, April 25, 2008

Nothing Much Going On

It's Friday, it's 10:40 and there's nothing much going on around here. The Lovely Mrs. and I watched I Am Legend on pay-per-view tonight. It was decent. Someone already spoiled some of the major plot points for me, but I thought it was okay. Better than what some people had told me.

I've been through a few blogs, reading here and there. There's just a handful that I regularly check, but I'm sure there's plenty more good stuff out there. I played around on my myspace for a little while, sent out a couple friend requests. There are more I could send out, but I'm not really a big fan of myspace. I like facebook better. It's less cluttered and there isn't as much junk on there.

Also, it's freakin hot in the house, which is making me tired. For whatever reason, none of the God Damn windows in the house seem to open. They've either been painted shut or they're broken or who the hell knows what's wrong with them.

The Lovely Mrs. is reading one of her magazines and watching reruns of Home Improvement on Nick at Nite. I'd rather not watch that, but seriously there's nothing else on. I probably won't be up too much later anyway as I have to get up at 5 to go to work tomorrow. I'm working 6-3, yeah me!

Now it's 10:59 and I think it's time to retire. I bid you all adieu. Just turn the lights off when you're done. Thanks.

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