Thursday, April 24, 2008

More Walkin' Man

This came to me last night. It's not right, probably because there's no context to put it in, but it's there. The two parts may be part of the same scene or they might not be. Who knows.

The Walkin' Man walked on. And they watched him go. As he faded off into the night they were relieved to be away from his commanding presence, while at the same time missing the protection of his knowledge and experience offered. Jared breathed a sigh and looked around their hastily assembled camp. Melissa shifted closer to the fire and pulled her jacket tighter around her shoulders. Francis kept his back to the fire, his eyes constantly on the darkness around them.

"Boy, you just don't get it," the Walkin' Man chided. "This goes well beyond you and what's chasin' you."

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