Friday, February 20, 2009

Bookish Stuff

I have less than 20 pages to go in my initial read of my NaNoWriMo novel, Fae Meds, (title subject to change) and I’m well on track of my earlier goal of finishing reading and taking notes by tomorrow.

What do I think so far? It’s definitely a ways from being publishable, but there’s plenty of material there for me to work with. As I was telling MWT the other day, there’s a new direction that I want to take the plot that I think will make it work better. There are some major characters that are going to have to be rethought out or eliminated, which is fine. There are some sections that will be cut outright, maybe. I’m still liking it more than my first NaNo novel, so I’m bolstered by that. I’m hoping that Sunday or Monday I’ll start the actual rewriting.

A coworker, and proprietor of, has published his first novel for the Kindle on Amazon. So if you have a Kindle, you might want to check out The Courier. While I haven’t read his novel, I’ve read some of his other fiction, which is good.

Apparently, Amazon allows people to upload their books for download on the Kindle. You set the price and upload the text and a description, even a cover image, and Amazon will sell it on your behalf. I’m not sure how much of a percentage of each sale the author receives, but for those of you out there interested in self publishing, here’s another venue for you to use in this digital age.

Have I mentioned before that I love Christopher Moore? I’m about half way through his new book, Fool, and it is very good. I know from reading his blog that he put a lot of work into researching the book. One passage in particular made me laugh out loud while I was reading it last night, which doesn’t happen with many books. But what I really wanted to point out was a blog he did for Powell’s Book Store. Go check it out now. He certainly doesn’t pull any punches.

And finally, did you know that it was really Stephen King that shot John Lennon? It’s true! Like Jim, I really can’t get enough of this nut job’s website. If he manages to get King arrested for his crime, it will be the most important thing for humanity since Jesus Christ. What? The whackadoo certainly seems to think so.


MWT said...

Sounds like good progress.

My first Nano novel went through a similar collapse and reinventing, where I decided that two thirds of the original worldbuilding just wasn't going to work, and I had to redo it, and that took out about a third of the important characters in the process.

Also, I think "Seis" is an actual last name, though I'm not sure what nationality or how it would normally be pronounced. (It occurred to me after you left.)

Jason said...

Fool rocks--better than Lamb!!!!

Tania said...

I've got Fool sitting on the iPod so I can listen to it while driving back and forth to Delta (about 90 miles away)