Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Traveling Today

Hello everybody, I'm out in the wide world traveling today, but I didn't want to leave you without any content (even though I've done that plenty recently, I know). It's a short trip today, and I should be home in time for dinner, but there's snow in the forecast up here, so who knows what delays that might cause.

Can you guess where I'm going? I'll give you some hints:

* It's in the south.
* The state touches the Gulf of Mexico
* They like everything big

If you don't know by now, here's Pee-Wee with the answer:

Specifically, I'll be in Dallas for a few hours today and then on my way home. Ah the joys of business travel. Hopefully everything will go smoothly and I'll be home on schedule.

And finally...

An Ode to O’Hare

Oh O’Hare
You bustling center of activity,
With so many coming and going
It’s no wonder you have frequent delays.
I have seen the sun rise
Over your endless tarmac
And gleam off of your jets.
What other airport can boast
Such wonders as your
Moving walkway with the
Multi-colored neon light show or
The ticketing area that is in a
Perpetual state of renovation?
Please be kind to me
Oh great O’Hare
And delay me not in my travels
Because LOST is on today
And I do not want to miss it.

1 comment:

Eric said...

You're going to Tamaulipas, right? It's Tamaulipas! I know it is! Did I guess right? Do I win something? Is it Tamaulipas?


(Travel safe, man.)