Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Less Like Christmas

We've had a sudden warming front come through and the temperature has skyrocketed up into the high 40s. Yesterday we had rain for a good part of the day, and that has melted all the snow. Pretty much the only snow that's left is the gray, disgusting stuff that's piled up in parking lots in the area. It's supposed to snow twice this week, and hopefully it will stick around. We're supposed to go to Holiday Magic at Brookfield Zoo this Friday, and it's just not the same if there isn't snow on the ground. This year we're going with our friends Jason and Melissa, who will be coming down from Milwaukee to join us.

In other news, Logan is coming down from orange tantrum alert and we've got to leave in about a half hour for the lodge Christmas party. I'm sure there'll be more screaming once we try to get him in Santa's lap. Yippie!


Nathan said...

Santa tantrum pictures goodness!


mattw said...

Sadly for you, but fortunately for us there was no melt down for Santa, although Santa wasn't having anyone sit on his lap this year.

We will be going to see the mall Santa some time this week, so there's always the possibility for Santa tantrum pictures then.