Thursday, December 18, 2008

Oh Noes, the Snow!

Everyone's all a quiver in the office because there's a warning out that we're supposed to get 8-10 inches between tonight and tomorrow morning. Of course, the office won't close. Why would they do that? Negating the possibility of lost productivity is much more important than the safety of the employees.

I'm not too worried. It's just work, and if I get in a little late, I'll have to make adjustments from there. We won't be going to Brookfield tomorrow because we found out yesterday that the zoo is only open at night on Saturday and Sunday. Our friends in Milwaukee are supposed to get 15 inches, so they might not even be able to make it down anyway.

I have exactly one vacation day left for what's left of the year, which I've already planned on when I'm using that, so I have a feeling I'll be heading in tomorrow no matter the conditions. Good thing I know how to handle my P.O.S. car (don't get me started about that right now) in the snow. Just remember not to be afraid of the drifting and fishtailing, embrace them.

The advisory has been pushed back from 3 to 7 tonight, when I'll be at the library, probably bored to tears, so we'll see how it goes. How's the weather by you?


Anonymous said...

I'm flying home to Seattle right now, which is paralyzed by 3" of snow. :) (It takes a while for the city's fleet of three snowplows to get around to all the major streets. Just kidding. But not really.)

My home is 45 mi from the airport, which won't be happening tonight - but my sister's home is 5 mi from the airport and I have her spare bedroom reserved.

Eric said...

We've had days and days of fog, and yesterday's weather reports were calling for a high of 70° today.

I'd be thrilled if we could take two or three inches from you guys. It's not fair.

MWT said...

I think it would be just plain mean to describe the weather we're having down here...

mattw said...

Jeri, that's rough I hope you didn't have too many delays.

Don't get me wrong, I love the snow, but so much so suddenly makes it hard to get things done. On the plus side, the snow blower worked pretty much right away after it's ten months of hibernation