Monday, December 15, 2008

Re: The Weather

The weather around here has say the least. Not interesting like it's been for Jim, but interesting for Chicago in December.

Last week it was cold and there was snow. That's just the kind of weather I like for this time of year. I like snow, and once we've had cold temperatures for a few days, it really doesn't bother me that much. As if playing outside as a kid hadn't built up enough of a tolerance to cold in me, four winters worth of walking from Union Station downtown to the UIC campus about a mile away sure did it. I remember getting to campus and not being able to feel my face or legs and feeling the cold seep out of me in the cafeteria like I was some kind of reverse heat lamp.

Anyway, over the weekend, the weather decided to warm up a little so that it was in the high 40s on Saturday and high 40s/low 50s yesterday. Plus, there was rain, instead of the snow we would have had otherwise. This effectively melted all the snow we had, exposing all the leaves that we didn't have a chance to rake up before the first round of snow came, and making everything a gray and brown, mushy mess, not unlike some diapers from when Logan was much younger.

Last night I was able to spend about ten minutes outside taking the garbage to the curb, shoveling up some leaves and chipping the last of the ice off of our front steps without having to put a coat on.

During the night, a cold front came in and the temperature dropped so that it was 5F when I got into the office this morning and we're not supposed to get above 17F today. Currently it's 7F. This left everything with a nice crust of ice on it and plenty of people this morning talking about how it was pointless to try and scrape their cars and that they had to just turn them on and let them warm up instead. One guy in the office claims that his door was so frozen shut that he had to use a crow bar to pry it open.

I'm not complaining about the cold. I have a coat and I know how to prepare for it, but it would be nice if the weather would just make up its mind. Oh, and if we could have at least two inches of snow before Friday, that would be good too.


Some dude stuck in the Midwest said...


I still haven't cleaned all the dog poop left on the backyard from October.

kimby said...

I'm with you Matt, I don't know what Mother Nature is doing right was 9ºC when the kids left for school this morning, and -9º when they came home. Guess they are glad now that Keith nagged them to wear something other than a spring jacket. I just want snow for Christmas..(and later for my birthday..although the odds aren't in my favour.)