Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mmmmmm Meatloaf

A coworker just showed me this article from Thrillist Chicago about The Meatloaf Bakery, a four-seat takeout place serves a variety of meatloaf in all shapes and forms, including meatloaf cupcakes with mashed potato "frosting." Must get meatloaf *drools*.

According to Thrillist, the meatloaves come in the shapes of cupcakes, tarts, cakes, bread loaves, bite-sized "loafie," and pies. The wonderous menu can be found here.

Now you can't go wrong with meatloaf in my book. Actually, I take that back, I know of one person who's meatloaf looks like cat food and doesn't taste much better. Aside from that, I haven't met a meatloaf I don't like. In the above meatloaf, I would have to take the peppers off of it though (peppers = yuck). I think I'm going to have to make up an excuse to go to Lincoln Park. Maybe it's time for Brandi to visit her friend that lives in Lincoln Park. :)


Nathan said...

if you go, would you try the Chcken Shishka-loaf and report back? That sounds like the shizzle!

Nathan said...

(I have no idea why I'm suddenly using words like shizzle. I promise it won't happen again.)

vince said...

That looks wonderful. And while you can have too many peppers (or peppers that are too hot) that looks about right for peppers in my book.

kimby said...

I can't let Keith see that site..his favourite food is meatloaf...which is of course one of the foods that i absolutely hate. I make it every once in a while, cause you know I am a good wifey...but those are the nights I will be eating PB&J for supper.

Eric said...

A cooking magazine I subscribe to had a recipe for meatloaf earlier this year along with suggestions for toppings. One of these suggestions was to wrap the meatloaf in bacon.

That evil bacon-wrapped meatloaf is probably just like what the Food Of The Gods would be if the gods ate meatloaf. Oh, oh, oh is it good. Probably took three years off my life with each serving, but I wasn't planning on doing too much with those years anyway. Probably would have just been crankier and yelled at kids to get off the little strip of grass between my condo building and the sidewalk or something. I'd rather have the meatloaf.


mattw said...

Eric, that does sound like the meatloaf of the gods.

One of the guys in the office who lives in the city said he might swing by there this weekend and check it out. If he does he said he'd pick something up for me.

Can't wait!

Some dude stuck in the Midwest said...

There are very few foods in this world that can be ruined by either wrapping a bacon around it, or putting mashed potatoes on top.

I will take a meatloaf cupcake, wrapped in bacon, with mashed potato frosting.

And then go flush my arteries.