Monday, December 22, 2008

This Make My Internal Grew-Up-in-the-80s-Geek Squee

There are no words other than to say there are some incredibly talented people out there with a lot of time on their hands.

And here's WormyT's other video, which I'm not necessarily excited about but still looks really good.


vince said...

But... but I want the Thundercats trailer to be for a real movie!

I got both Volume 1 and Volume 2 of Season 1 last Christmas from my daughter. Maybe I'll get both volumes of Season 2 this year. I've been really good.

Nathan said...

I apologize for being a child of the 60's and 70's, but I don't even know what first thing was.

mattw said...

Thundercats was one of the big cartoons of the 80s about a race of cat-people whose planet, Thundera, blows up and they fly off and find a new home on Third Earth.

The leader, Lion-O, is the youngest of the group, but due to a malfunction or something with his suspension pod during the journey through space his body grew while his mind didn't. So a lot of the episodes have to deal with Lion-O learning how to lead from the other Thundercats who were are sent along to train him.

When they get to the planet they find an ancient evil, Mumra, a living mummy guy. There's also the Plundarian mutants, which are different races of anthropomorphic critters that are like space pirates.

A lot of the episodes ended with the Thundercats standing around discussing what had happened in their latest adventure, learning a lesson from it, and having a good chuckle.

There have been comics coming out the last few years that pick up where the cartoon left off, but are a little darker.

[/geeking out]

Nathan said...


Eric said...

I really, really, really liked Superman Returns, and Bryan Singer's shot at picking up where Superman II left off (and pretending III and IV never happened). But that said: I could totally get behind a Supes movie featuring the Smallville kids and a smackdown involving Luthor, Darkseid, Parasite and General Zod. Okay, sure: I can see how somebody could screw it up (I saw the AICN reviews of/excerpts from the J.J. Abrams script--what the fuck was Abrams smoking? Carbon monoxide?); but it's a neat concept.

Thundercats, not so much: I remember them from the '80s, but I was sort of between being too old and not-old-enough for them (I was getting ready to start high school, and I was obsessed with a different kind of p--never mind). But I can dig the enthusiasm.

(And if it had what's-her-name from Farscape? Sweeeeeet.)

I expect it'll happen sooner or later, the Thundercats movie, I mean. And so will the Superman sequel, tho' it looks like they'll make the mistake of doing a gratuitous reboot simply because Returns wasn't successful "enough," the greedy bastards.