Monday, February 23, 2009

A Brief Note On Life

For the past couple of months, life has felt like a constant Tilt-A-Whirl in full force spin. I'm ready to throw up and get off the ride.

BTW, I understand that this condition is in no way exclusive to me, I just needed to say it.


vince said...
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vince said...

And thus my post on Sunday.

Tag, you're it!

Steve Buchheit said...

Oh yes. It's been a vomit comet since right after New Years. Including our "state of the business" meeting on Wednesday where in response to a question the owner said that if the economy didn't change soon, we would have to make permanent changes (ie. layoffs).

mattw said...

Steve, unfortunately, part of the ride has been layoffs this week. I'm safe, for now, but the company has lost 19 employees (roughly 10%) and it's not a good environment to be in.