Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dealin with them crazies

So as I’ve said here before, I’ve got this part-time job at a library now. It’s a good job, you know, nice people, low stress, nice environment, etc. etc.

It’s all good, but there’s this woman that is there literally every day that is a The person that trained me said that this woman is mentally out of alignment (to put it nicely) but she doesn’t really bother anyone, and everyone just laughs off what she says. The first day I worked there she was nice and seemed to be in a good mood; last night, not so much. She came up to the counter, and this is how our interaction went:

Me: Hello. How are you today

Crazy Lady (in a frustrated tone of voice): Fine. Is that the end of the questions?

Me: *checks out DVD and hands it back to her* There you go. Have a good night.

Crazy Lady: I wish you wouldn’t tell me what to do.

Me: Awkward silence

Then she proceeded to have a conversation with the other circulation clerk about the clerks recent hair cut, which boiled down to Crazy Lady telling the other clerk she needed to grow her hair out, that it was too short.

Who would have thought a library would be so interesting?


Random Michelle K said...

Who would have thought a library would be so interesting?


mattw said...

Yeah, I had no idea. For instance there was a boy in last night that I would peg to be around 9 years old and appeared to be there on his one, that had nearly $40 in fines on his account and when I told him he was surprised but he then pulled two twenties from his wallet, which surprised me even more.

Lance said...

Circulation is extremely entertaining, such a variety of people come through! Sometimes, they even have an odd pet with them in their backpack.....