Thursday, May 8, 2008


For nearly the past 7 years I've been working at the OfficeMax in West Dundee. For a while it was OK. There are nice people who work there. I was part-time, then full-time, then I got a full-time office job and quit for a couple months. However, this didn't work with the family I was starting, so I had to go back on a part-time basis. It's not something that I wanted to do, but I swallowed my pride and went back. I've been working two (or 1.5) jobs for the last three and a half years.

People at the store have come and gone, and things change. The manager that was there when I was hired quit a few months ago, and she took any real allegiance I had to the store with her. Now, it's a little ridiculous for me to be going all the way out there, especially considering the cost of gas and the fact that when I go out there during the week it's 30 miles from the office. Compound that with working with people I couldn't stand, poor management, and dealing with the same crappy customers day after day. Needless to say, it was time to find something else.

So I began looking for something else, but I didn't want just anything. I wanted out of retail. Forever. I waited and waited, because at least I had a job right? And finally, I found it. So I applied. And then I didn't hear anything. And then I heard from them, and I got an interview and they said they'd let me know. And then I didn't hear anything. And finally, they did call me and they offered me the job. And it was glorious!

Instandly, I began to think of all the things I wouldn't have to do again: taking furniture out to customers' cars, selling add ons, selling warranties, having to worry about sales, plan-o-grams, straightening a store, dealing with the stupid managers at OfficeMax...the list goes on an on.

So this week I got to start at the library. I've only had one shift so far, but there's a lot more to it than I would have though. I know, I know. It's a library, everyone says, how hard can it be? Well there's more to it than I would have thought. I can't wait until Saturday, my last day at the Max, when I can say 'see ya' and be on my merry way. Until then, well, I've got my dreams.

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