Monday, September 22, 2008

Burried Treasure

It's a little late for International Talk Like a Pirate Day, but while we were cleaning out part of the basement this weekend we came across some treasures in the canning room that had been in there for who knows how long. There were a couple of things from my wife's childhood and a couple of framed pictures and paintings that I at least had lost track of since we moved.

The most interesting thing that we found was a Mandolin-Harp that was wrapped up in a garbage bag. I don't have a picture at the moment, but this thing could definately use a clean up and a tuning. The finish on the top is in pretty bad shape, but you can still kind of make out the image of an eagle behind the strings, and inside the instrument, there's a faded sticker that says what it is, where it came from, and has a sale price of $25 on it. This thing has been sitting in this little room in the basement for at least 10 years. My father-in-law certainly never played it and I doubt Brandi's ever seen it before.

The harp. While the finish is in need of work,
there are some interesting details that can be mad out.

I brought it into work because one of my coworkers said he might be interested in seeing it. I was thinking about selling it, but I don't know. It's kind of neat to have and I wouldn't know what to ask for it anyway. I think there isn't too much more crazy crap in our house that we don't know about (there's plenty of crazy crap we do know about), but it would be interesting to discover something else. I can't imagine the crazy crap that would be over at Brandi's grandparents' house, since they've been in the same house for forever. Maybe it's time to bust out the fedora and bullwhip.

Update: The mandolin harp belonged to my father-in-law's aunt and has been in the basement since he moved in.

The harp's keys.

This image of an eagle and shield is near the head of the harp.

The original sale sticker inside shows where the harp came from.
It originally sold for $25.


Anonymous said...

Pictures! It'd be cool to see what this treasure looks like.

Besides, someone from some treasure hunting group might see it and tell you it's worth thousands. It could happen. ;)

mattw said...

Photos have been added.

Lance said...

That is really cool! I remember going through my grandparents basement when they moved, so many cool things...