Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rejected :(

I just got an email from the escapist and they decided to pass on "Killing Time on a Friday Night." The editor there did send a nice rejection letter, which I would like to believe wasn't a form letter. It included phrases like "You clearly put your best foot forward with this submission" and "we definitely appreciate that kind of effort." Those could be form responses, but I'm going to decide that they aren't. They also encouraged me to submit more in the future to either their articles or fiction. I'll take that on the positive that they did genuinely like my story.

Thanks to the magic of electronic submissions, "Killing Time" has already been sent on to Hub Magazine, a British magazine that publishes sci-fi, horror and fantasy in a weekly pdf. They don't pay as much as I would have made a other places, but I'm still kind of green to the whole submission process, and I haven't seen a huge market for flash fiction. I'll play the waiting game again and see where this takes me. *fingers crossed*


Anonymous said...

You rock baby, don't worry you will get your stories out there.

vince said...

There isn't a huge market, but they do exist. I've written a few flash fiction stories so far, but haven't really done anything with them.

I subscribe to Flash Fiction Online (subscription is free and issues are sent via email). They pay contributors, I like what they publish, and they have a system where if you like a story, you can pay extra and they split it with the author. Check it out.

mattw said...

Thanks Vince, I'll have to check that out.