Saturday, September 13, 2008


We had five inches of rain yesterday and I woke up to the sound of the sump pump and found that 2 inches of the five had come in to party last night. Some of Logan's toys got wet, but they're all plastic. We knew the basement floods, so pretty much everything that could get damaged was up, just a couple casualties as far as I could tell this morning. Now I'm off to work and it's still fucking pooring outside. Stupid rain. Clean up is going to be a blast.

Update: Logan's "big" birthday present, a train table we got on clearance for an incredible price, was on the ground for a couple hours before I got down to the basement yesterday morning. It got wet and "ruined" according to Brandi, but I'll wait to see what it looks like once it's dry. Otherwise, everything else was spared. More water this morning cause the sump pump turned off in the night.


Shawn Powers said...

Sometimes it's good to live on the giant, elevated sandbar known as Northern Michigan. It's almost impossible to get a puddle to form, much less flood anything.

Hope there's no real damage.

kimby said...

I kept running to the basement all day Saturday...this morning we actually saw the sun for a bit, but the rain came back late afternoon.
No water in the basement for us, but others in the neighbourhood not so lucky.
We had the highest recorded rain fall in the province...big switch from the drought in August.

Hope the train stuff dries out well and there is no real big damage.

Lance said...

Hooray for flooding basements! We were down in Megan's grandmother's basement all day bailing water and hauling out a garage full of boxes and furniture.

Lance said...
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Anonymous said...

I live on a hill too - I'm pretty thankful for that. I hope you get everything dried out soon!

mattw said...

Overall the damage wasn't too bad and the water's gone now. There's still wet, but no more standing water.

The train table parts definately showed water damage, but when I took it all out of the box, we could see that another piece was cracked, which was not a result of water damage, and we were able to replace it.

Now we're left with a stinky basement and a lot of clean up before Logan's b-day party in just under a month.