Saturday, September 6, 2008

Going Camping

We're leaving in about 2 hours to go camping for the night at Warren Dunes State Park in Michigan. It'll be Logan's first time sleeping in the great outdoors, and actually only my second time camping. Brandi packed enough stuff for us to be out there for a week I'm sure. Right now I'm still trying to wake up because we stayed up till one last night to watch the last episodes of the first season of Dexter. Oh, and I was up at 5 yesterday. Not much more to say at this point. I'll have a full report later. Play nice while I'm gone and help yourselves to whatever.


Shawn Powers said...

Hey! Welcome to Michigan. :)

vince said...

Dibs on the chocolate!

mattw said...

I'll actually be in Michigan again next Sunday/Monday. I'll be in Holland then for work. I know that's a long way off from you, Shawn. You're waaaaaaaaaaay up there.