Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Labor Day Weekend

Back to work after the Labor Day weekend. It was a nice weekend and I didn’t labor too much. Saturday I had to work at the library from 9-5. It wasn’t bad. There were enough people working that the lines didn’t get real long or anything and it wasn’t too busy in general. However, I did have to work with one of the employees who I would really rather not work with. It’s not that she’s mean or rude or incompetent or anything like that. It’s that she’s the type of person that takes everything and turns it into a big freaking deal. Case in point, a couple weeks ago she bumped into something that knocked some stuff over and made a mess. Instead of calmly picking it up and maybe getting a little frustrated she got on the PA system and called the assistant manager to the back room (IMMEDIATELY) and was ready to cry about it. There’s really no need for that, and the PA system shouldn’t be used for a panicked announcement unless someone is getting murdered. So anyway, worked on Saturday, then picked up dinner on the way home cause no one really felt like cooking. Brandi got her new camera either Friday or Saturday and spent a lot of time playing with it. Took Logan to the park. That boy is weird when it comes to going to the park. We’re lucky enough to have three within about three blocks of us, and he might go to the park just to walk over there, stay for about two minutes, and decide it’s time to go home.

Sunday, got up around 8 when Logan had been up for a little while and made breakfast (sausage and eggs). Didn’t really do much on Sunday. We just hung out around the house, played with Logan, took him to the park (twice I think) Brandi and I played Sorry on Sunday, I think. Whichever day we played it, she kicked my butt.

Monday, more of the same. Brandi made the sausage, but no eggs, she’s not real big on eggs all the time. She cleaned up while I entertained the boy and then we ran out. We got dinner from the store, crab legs on sale, and then took Logan to Lake Opeka, which has a small lake and a playground and some other stuff. Brandi had the forethought to bring some bread with and we spent a little time feeding the ducks. Then Logan ran around on the playground and I followed while Brandi would try and get a cute picture. Of course, he would look away just as she pushed the shutter button. Came home, had lunch, put Logan to bed. I got to spend some time out in the garage cleaning up. It’s still a bit of a mess from when we moved in November, but if I were to shove everything to one side we could get a car in there now. Logan only napped for about an hour and wasn’t a happy camper afterward. Then Brandi made the crab (boiled). Logan thought it was very funny when the legs would crack. After Logan went to bed we relaxed for a while and Brandi kicked my butt on Wii Baseball, Tennis, Bowling (twice) and Golf (which surprised me because I’m better at golf, but then my game falls apart under pressure). Oh, I also filled up the tires on our bikes, thanks to our neighbor lending me his bike pump, and took a quick bike ride. It felt really good. I haven’t been on a bike in a long time.

Now I’m back at work. The September issues is due on Monday and my coworker and I are responsible for over half of the one magazine. That’s on top of the three things I have to do for the other magazine. It’s going to be a long week.


Unknown said...

Don't be too hard on the kid. My dad would get frustrated when I didn't do things he liked to do. That created a lot of resentment between us.

mattw said...

I don't get on his case about the park or anything. He'll be 2 in October, so he wouldn't understand anyway. It's just funny, his park going habits. It doesn't matter if he's the only one there, or if there are other kids, if they want to play with him or not. He just likes to go, and when he's done, he's done. We were actually at the park for at least a half hour the other day and I was surprised that we stayed that long. He also doesn't like going down the slide. He'll go all the way up to the top of it, by himself, but he doesn't want to slide down. For me, it's not like I couldn't use the walk anyway.