Tuesday, November 25, 2008

40,000 Down 10,000 To Go

Last night I broke the 40,000-word barrier and I'm now at 40,288, which leaves a meager 9,712 to go. I've been going just a little over the 1,667 every day and I hope to continue that pace and maybe I will finish up on Saturday, or be able to not do so much on Thanksgiving. I'm sure Brandi will appreciate when it's all done. I certainly will enjoy the break and the chance to read for decent chunks of time again.

Among the UCF I know that Jeri and MWT have passed the 50k mark and it appears that Anne is a little ahead of me and Eric is taking the time off to catch up. Congrats to everyone who's passed 50k and a big hurrah for those of you, like me, with a little bit to go yet.


Anne C. said...

Congrats, Matt! Last night, John the Scientist was right above the 40K mark too. He's planning to blast right past us in order to get done by Thanksgiving, I believe, but I think all three of us have done the hard part, all we have to do is take it through the homestretch.
Go team! :)

Anonymous said...

Great progress, Matt - you should be able to finish by Sunday!

Somehow the song from Finding Nemo just popped into my head... "Just keep swimming." Although Logan is in the wrong age bracket for you to have seen that, probably - buy it for him when he gets older. :)

Eric said...

If I can do 5k/day, I should be able to catch up nicely. We'll see. The good news is I'm still not sure it'll be finished at 50k.

Congratulations, man! Way to keep up the discipline and hard work!

mattw said...

Thanks everybody.

And Jeri, we had Finding Nemo from before Logan was born (we just love Pixar movies) and it's one of his favorites. So now, much like Marlon as they swim into the abyss, I have that song stuck in my head. :)

MWT said...

You won! Yay! :)