Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Must See Video Re: Proposition 8

I was going to post an update about NaNoWriMo today and how, even though I haven't fully caught up with my word count yet I'm better off than I was over the weekend and I think my plot is starting to come together, but then I saw this video.

For everyone out there that voted yes for Prop 8 or would support a ban on gay marriage, you are blocking people who are committed to each other from entering into a right which every American is born with. Why then, just because a man is born and is attracted to men or a woman to women, does that suddenly exclude them from the right to join in a union that is special and sacred and a defining moment in the life of most? And how exactly do heterosexuals have the right to strip away this right to marry if someone is of a different sexual persuasion?
Unlike Mr. Olbermann, I do not have to look all that far within my family to find someone that is gay and I have friends that are gay. Why shouldn't they be able to marry if they find someone who makes them truly happy and they want to spend the rest of their lives with?

Bravo Mr. Olbermann.


Janiece said...

Thanks, Matt.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Matt. This is brilliant.