Monday, November 24, 2008

It's Snowing...Well it was snowing

It was snowing when I got up this morning and was on my way to work. They were the really watery flakes that end up becoming slush everwhere. The roads were wet and the grass had a fine powder on it. Shortly after I got to work I looked out the window (not my window of course, but the boss's window) and saw big fluffy flakes coming down. I took a couple pictures, but they really didn't do the snowfall justice, so I'll just post one.

But now the snow has already stopped falling for the time being. My little weather widget on my computer says the temperature will get up to 43 today, so I'm not expecting it to stick around. I'm sure there will be plenty later though.


Eric said...

I want snow! I want snow!


Well, the right amount of snow. I decided earlier this week to pull Dan Simmons' The Terror out of my great stack'o'books-to-be-read, because I thought it was appropriate to the "cold snap" we've had here. And that's the reason I now have to put "cold snap" in quotes: the book (a horror novel about Franklin's search for the Northwest Passage in the 1840s) includes, for instance, an exchange that can be paraphrased as follows:

"Hey, remember that summer before we got stuck in the ice when we had a heat wave and the temperature got into the low 30s?"


"This summer--not so much."

Yep, nothing to put your weather into perspective like pages and pages about how toasty 40°F feels when somebody comes in from a cold dark winter afternoon....

Still... I want snow.

kimby said...

I am waiting for the white stuff to makes its arrival here as well. It is currently raining out...but rumour has it that we may see white stuff today. Maybe. Possibly. Or maybe not.

Ilya said...

We had a similar morning on Sunday, with a thinnest sheen of snow on the ground. Kimmy woken up and requested that we go outside and build a snowman. Before I could reply that there was not enough snow for that, the rain came and the snow disappeared.

If last winter is any indication, it may be all the snow that we're going to get...