Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Blog Filler

Hello, it's Matt, your friendly neighborhood spiderma-...erm...blogger. I have a couple of blog posts that I want to get to this week, but I need some photos that are not at my disposal at the moment. Aside from that, I've been trying to come up with something to blog about today, and I don't really have anything to say.

Yesterday, I wore a dark blue shirt to work, and then I had to go to the library and I walk in only to find that the other guy working behind the desk with me has a blue shirt of the same exact color and the assistant manager of circulation is wearing a sweater of the exact same color. Then one of the other women working circ yesterday had a blue sweatshirt on (of a different shade). It was weird. And some of the patrons noticed last night too. I even remember thinking to myself that what if Robert was wearing the same color blue as I got dressed yesterday morning. Strange...

Tonight we're going to the Metallica concert, which Brandi is totally psyched about and I'm glad to go to, although Metallica isn't my favorite. I'm sure I'll have something to say tomorrow about how the show went, and I've been assured that I might have problems hearing things tomorrow. In the mean time, here's a video of Metallica's Hero of the Day, which is currently my favorite song of theirs. This is with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra a few years ago. I haven't heard the regular version, so I don't know how much different it is. Too bad they won't be playing with the orchestra tonight.

Stay tuned for a full report tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Earplugs. You'll be able to hear the music just fine anyway and it'll take the edge off the temporary hearing damage. :)

MWT said...

On the whole, I didn't think that the orchestra added anything to the Metallica songs that were written before they got involved. The songs were already complete in themselves, they didn't need more. I like Hero of the Day with the orchestra, but like the original a lot more.

On the other hand, the songs they did that were written with the orchestra (No Leaf Clover especially) are top notch.

Happy concert-going. :)

vince said...

In the days of classic rock and roll - that would be the mid 60's to about 72/73, rock albums often had the phrase "Made loud to be played loud" on them. Ah, youth.