Friday, January 9, 2009

My Desk is a Mess

It's deadline day today and we're all feeling a little frazzled. I have a post planned for later this evening or tomorrow morning, but in the mean time, here are some pictures of my very messy desk. Unfortunately, since I played with the icon settings on my comptuer today, this also reflects the state of my desktop on the monitor at work. (click for more detailed views)

Here's the leftmost part of my desk. There are a lot of papers that need to either be filed or recycled. You might notice a pile of rubber bands to the left of my desk caddy, those were all strung together to block off a coworkers cube a couple weeks ago. He threw them at me yesterday. Along the top and taped to the front of my bins are some of the mementos I've picked up along the way.

More detail of the surface of the desk. It's a mess of back issues, papers and pens.

My monitor and tower are festooned with pictures of Logan and some figures. The mug of lousy coffee changes colors when it gets hot to reveal pictures of Logan and me. Then there's sticky notes, a couple of fortune cookie fortunes and the notes from the article I was finishing up this morning.

More pictures of Logan and Brandi on the shelf above my monitor. Under the shelf on the right are a couple of things Logan colored for me. Then we have Optimus Prime on top of the monitor, and on the shelf, Hellboy fighting a giant bat, Smokescreen and Starscream locked in eternal struggle, and some Happy-Meal style car toy that pops open at the turn of a key in back.

The right side of my desk has a whole slew of old stories that need to be sorted and filed. Hanging next to the shelf is my collection of press badges from various trade shows and events. Then there's more pictures of Logan and Brandi and a lot of comic strips that I've printed out over time. The thing in the frame behind the tape dispenser is a Paisley Name. It was given to me as a thank you after I wrote an article about some really artistic cabinet doors a woman had created.

A detail of the desk's surface. It may look neat from this angle, but it isn't, trust me. I think I'll have to do some cleaning up next week.


vince said...

Mine doesn't look quite that bad, but then I did some cleaning earlier this week. I doubt that it will stay that way, however.

Shawn Powers said...

I say this with utter sincerity: If my desk looked like that, I would take photos and brag about how clean it was.