Friday, January 9, 2009

The Loot Cometh, The Loot Goeth

A while back, I won the Nathan's "Write Me A Headline" Contest. Go ahead and read all about it. The prize for such an illustrious contest? Why it is Panavision ballcap from the Steven Segal movie "Marker," which was retitled to "Pistol Whipped" before it was released.

Well guess what? The cap came yesterday. But since yesterday was pretty hectic around here (and today too up until this point) I'm just getting around to blogging about it now. So first I'd like to say thank you to Nathan, fearless leader to the UCF and mustachioed man of mystery.
Nathan later had a couple of words of caution when he sent the hat, "A couple of things to warn you about. I left the hat-band set to fit me. When you get it you'll be able to confirm that I do, in fact, have a tiny little pinhead. Also, even though I washed it before sending it, I got cold walking to the Post Office, so I wore it there; it's got Nathan-Cooties again."

Cooties I don't mind. I got my cootie booster when I was a kid, so I'm covered. However, I wanted to demonstrate for you all just how small Nathan's head really is.
Here is the hat band as it was set when I pulled it out of the shipping envelope:

Here is the hat on Logan's head (fits really well, just a little loose):

Logan liked the hat so much he wanted to wear it while we ate. And thus I lost the hat.

After Logan went to bed, I tried the hat on, in Nathan size, just to see how it would fit:

So there you have it folks, proof positive of Nathan's child-like mind. :) Thanks again Nathan!


vince said...

So, would Nathan's theme song be "It's a Small Head After All?" And Logan looks cute in the hat.

... Paige said...

That is funny. I, like Nathan, have a small head; my grand kids have bigger skulls. I believe this gives me the superior power as my brain waves have a shorter distance to travel and are less likely to become lost or watered-down versions of the original thought processes.

mattw said...

Well, Paige, what can I say, Logan and I both have abnormally large noggins. It gives us extra padding if we get bonked in the head. :)

Nathan said...

As you know, I've been out of touch.

That's hysterical.

Love it!