Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Desk is a Mess, Not

Last week I let everyone see just how much of a mess my desk is, which included about six months worth of stories that needed to be filed, books piled up in the corner, papers that needed to be sorted/recycled/filed, magazines and other items that needed to be put away. Well, today I took some time and cleaned it all up, so I present you with the "after" shots.

From left to right:

I also fixed my Mighty Mouse problem with a combination of the rolling it around on a damp cloth trick (I used some Orange Clean instead of rubbing alcohol) and the tape trick. Thanks Vince, MWT, and Steve for your suggestions


MWT said...

Yay working Mighty Mouses!

vince said...

"Heeere I come to save the day!"
That means the Mighty Mouse is on his way.

Yeah, I know way too money theme songs from cartoons. A well misspent youth, in my opinion.

vince said...

Uh, that would be many as opposed to money.

Ilya said...

The desk looks great, Matt. What's the over/under on when it gets back to being messy? :-)

mattw said...

Thanks Ilya. That was about six months worth of accumulated files, so it'll probably take that long to be that messy again. I'm sure it'll be a little messy by deadline time, which is February 9th.