Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Gettin Antsy

A month ago today I sent out a story to The Escapist, an online magazine about gaming, geekery and other things for an upcoming all fiction issue. I still have not heard back, even an auto response to say they got it. I'm getting to the point that I want to email the editor to make sure they at least got the file, but then I don't want to be annoying and get tossed from the mix for that reason. I guess I'll wait, I've got more important things to worry about.

Note: For a while, posting will probably be infrequent and/or short. We had another scare yesterday and Brandi has been banished to bed rest for at least the rest of the first trimester. We'll be at the doctor Monday for more blood work and then the 12th for another ultrasound. We're keeping our fingers crossed.


vince said...

Sorry to hear about the scare. You two hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Matt, I hope you're able to juggle it ok and that everything is smooth sailing for you and Brandi!

mattw said...

Thanks everyone! I'm becoming an expert juggler, despite my natural clumsiness

Random Michelle K said...

Does Brandi have a pile of good books to read?!

After all, as this is all your fault it's your duty to wait upon her hand and foot!

mattw said...

Of course it's all my fault. I have been conscribed to slave duty, which includes, but is not limited to, cooking, cleaning, going out for emergency cravings, Logan duty, errands, laundry, etc.

I've gotten her some movies, and she has some books, but she hasn't been reading them. They aren't fun books. I offered to get her fun books, but she didn't want any. :(

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