Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Gone For the Weekend

Doin' the last bit of cleanup in the house and packing to get ready for our trip this weekend. We're going up to The Farm in good 'ol Richland Center, WI. Where a relaxing time is generally had by all. We'll see how it goes this year since we'll have Logan up there for the first time. Keeping our fingers crossed that he doesn't get super cranky or hurt himself or get some kind of insane bug bite or something. Still not sure if we're going to go over to Boscobell to see the fireworks. Logan didn't take to them to well last year.

So to all you UCFers out there, and anyone else that might happen by, hope you have a happy/fun fourth. Don't anyone go blowing any fingers off with reckless firework use! I'll be incommunicado until Sunday night/Monday, but, through the magic of Blogger, I'll have a Funtastic Friday Folly up tomorrow. (does anyone read those?) Hopefully I'll have some good picks and good stories when I get back.

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Random Michelle K said...

Hey! An empty blog!

Let's root around in the drawers and look under the sofa!