Monday, July 7, 2008

Will Someone Stop That Beeping?

First off, I'm back. Had a good weekend up in Wisconsin, but I'll cover that later.

Someone in the office has some thingie that keeps beeping this morning. It sounds like the beep of the machines that monitor one's vitals while in the hospital. It'll start beeping for a few minutes and then stop for a while and then beep some more later. After very careful consideration, I've figured out what it is.

The sound is coming from the office of my boss's boss's boss. It must be a Justice League communicator that is summoning him off to take part in battling some global catastrophe or some intergalactic villain. I'm not sure what his powers would be, but they must be awesome indeed if he's being summoned so much. Of course he can't go because he knows I'm onto his little ruse.

Oh wait, the IT guy came and stopped whatever it was from beeping. I guess it was nothing. Unless that to is part of the ruse. Ah HA!


Random Michelle K said...


Damned servers.

vince said...

I think it was a tracking device that has something to do with Jim and aliens from a long time ago.

mattw said...

I don't know. The beeping has stopped today and the person in question is out of the office on a "vacation day." I'm thinking my original theory might have some weight to it.

Anonymous said...

I was in the board room at the airport yesterday afternoon and something behind the scenes was beeping - a polite, discreet chimelike beep, but persistent.

AND the cappucino machine was down, awaiting a coffee bean refill.

Did they think I pay for a boardroom membership for the free wireless access? (Well, actually, yes.)

But a a beep-free cappucino would have been great too.

mattw said...

Quiet cappucino is always better than noisy cappucino.

Turned out to be the boss' backup battery or something mundane like that. But I like my version better.