Friday, July 25, 2008

Teh Awesome!

Yesterday was a really long day. We're under deadline at work for the annual show issues, which I am a managing editor of. Then the library was super busy again. I had no idea a library would get this busy over the summer. When I finally got home at ten I was tired and Brandi was tired and hungry (understandable since she's preggers). So I ran out to get her what she wanted to eat (of course she didn't want to eat anything we had at home, but that's ok). When I got back, I saw there was a package on the table for me...kind of.

It's a mystery package from Colorado...

What could it be? It's a package from fellow blogger and UCFer Janice! I wonder what's inside. It's a pair of very nice knit caps! Based on the addressee on the package, and the fact that they'd be a little small for my abnormally large noggin, they must be for baby #2.

A very stylish and excited Mr. Potatohead models the finely knit caps for us. He decided to go sans nose so that we could still see
his dazling eyes.

Thanks Janice, the hats are great! It was a very nice surprise at the end of a long day. And the colors could work for either gender, which is good since we don't know yet. Brandi thought they were very cute and likes them too. They're just great. And here's another photo of them side-by-side for comparison.

Mr. Potatohead opted to sit this last shot out, after being under the lights of the studio he said he was baking.

Again Janice, thank you very much! The hats are fantastic. Guess we'll have to add another string to the UCF hairball.


Janiece said...

I'm so glad you guys like them!

Please note the purple and green cap was made from the fine merino wool given to me by Random Michelle. So don't put that one in the drier.

Is that considered "regifting?"


The yellow is just standard baby acrylic.

vince said...

Janiece, the caps are beautiful. Can't wait to get mine (but I will, and patiently).

Anonymous said...

Janiece, you're so creative. I'm looking forward to seeing them on their intended model. :)

kimby said...

Those are so cute...and Mr Potato Head did a great job modeling them...although i suspect that they will look even cuter on the wee one when the time comes!