Tuesday, July 22, 2008

UCF in the Multiverse

I like to play with acronyms of things. It’s fun to take an existing acronym or word and make up new meanings, so I decided to play with UCF, or Union of Collaborating Founders (of which I am lucky enough to be a member, see Random Michelle’s cool graphic to the right). For any of you who don’t know what this is, you can find an explanation here.

Acronymfinder has these acronyms for UCF:
University of Central Florida
Uranium Conversion Facility
Uniform Contract Format
Unregistration Confirm
Unit Capability Factor (power plant performance)
User Communication Form
United Cat Federation
Unified Communications Framework
Unión Cívica Femenina (Womens’ Civic Union, Guatemala)

None of these seems to work for the group as I’ve experienced it, except maybe United Cat Federation, as many of the UCF seem to have cats and like taking pictures of their cats.

So, if we were in an alternate reality, (as we probably exist in some other multiverse) what might UCF stand for?

Uncommonly Cool Fellows
Uncannily Creative Federation
Ultimate Cocoa Fanatics
United Colleagues for Fun

And here are some things that have nothing to do with any of us, as far as I know, but can UCF can be an acronym of:

Ugly Cod Fishermen
Urban Cannon Fodder
Undulating Copper Filigree
Unnatural Carp Feces
Unctuous Car Follower

I could go on, but there’s work to do.

Any other suggestions?


Random Michelle K said...

You missed the ever popular Us Cool F'ers.


Tania said...

I labeled mine as the "Unexpected Cyclotron Fans" as part of my contribution to surreality.

Tom said...

At the Back Fence we're also known as "Us Cool Folks" which is kinda close to Michelle's suggestion.

Anonymous said...

None of these are useful, but they were fun to brainstorm:

Ubiquitous Colloquial Farrago
Utmost Conniving Fandango
Uxorious Custodial Futilitarian
Usurious Censorial Flibbertigibbet

I do like the word ubiquitous and use it in writing and conversation. ;)

mattw said...

Uddered Cow Fans
Unicycle Competitors Fund
Unlikely Cyote Fear

vince said...

Uninformed Conceited Ferengis
Unilateral Concentrated Flotsam
Unimaginably Creative Fireeaters
Unicorn Cooperative (of) Florence
Uninhibited Cooperative Females
Unholy Coalition (of) Fandangos
Unremarkable Clingy Fruit

Random Michelle K said...

Ulcerated Cohabitating Frogs

Unctuous Colicky Flatulence

Uncle Chester's Fanclub

Underwater Cheetah Fires